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The Hughes Law Firm

Denver Divorce Lawyers: Custody • Child Support • Colorado Family Law

Protect your rights in the turmoil of divorce or the emotionally charged issues of child custody and financial support. The Hughes Law Firm handles all Colorado family law issues, meeting clients at satellite offices across the entire Denver metro area.

If you are considering getting divorced or have been served with the papers, contact our Denver divorce lawyers today to arrange a free initial consultation. We will take the time to understand you situation and help you devise a course of action to assert your interests and preserve your rights.

Divorce and Property Settlements

The Hughes Law Firm handles all divorces, from uncontested divorce to complex divorce settlements involving significant assets. We have experience dividing retirement funds and investments, and accurately valuing homes, business interests and other jointly held assets that are considered in the property settlement agreement.

We are creative in fashioning agreements that protect our clients while allowing both parties to walk away satisfied. Most cases are settled out of court through mediation or negotiation. When necessary, however, we are aggressive advocates for our clients in divorce litigation.

Child Custody and Visitation Rights

The courts may award primary custody to one parent, but presumes that both parents share in decision-making authority. In general, we steer clients toward a mutually acceptable custody agreement that allows both parents to remain active in the child’s life. However, we ensure that our clients do not sacrifice their own rights in the process.

Child Support and Spousal Maintenance

Orders for one party to pay child support are based on income guidelines (and custody arrangements). Spouse maintenance, or alimony, is awarded on the basis of multiple factors, including length of the marriage, income disparity, and education or earning potential. Maintenance may be granted on a short-term basis, or sometimes permanently (until remarriage or death). Our role is to ensure that income and expenses are accurately portrayed by the other parent as the court determines support.


Child support and maintenance can be reduced or increased by the court if one party’s circumstances change significantly (a promotion, a new job, a layoff). Custody and visitation can also be altered for certain reasons. However, if one spouse wishes to relocate with the children to a distant part of Colorado or out-of-state, the court must approve the relocation based on 20 criteria. The Hughes Law Firm represents either the parent seeking to relocate or the parent opposing the “move-away.

Other Family Law Issues

The Hughes Law Firm can assist clients in all areas of Colorado family law, including:

  • Paternity (mothers seeking child support, fathers seeking access)
  • Adoption (stepparent adoptions)
  • Domestic violence restraining orders (seeking protection or defending against orders)
Contact Us Today for a FREE Consultation to Discuss Your Divorce Law Needs: (303) 758-0680 | (888) 776-1066

The Hughes Law Firm
4155 E. Jewell Ave.
Suite 500
Denver, CO 80222

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The Hughes Law Firm

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