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Law Offices of Theodore A. Parisi, Jr., P.C.

Firm Overview

Facing a serious legal matter can be at once frightening and debilitating. Sharing that problem with the right attorney can help you return to a place of peace and clarity so that you can move to deal with the problem effectively. In the best of all worlds, you may learn that what you perceived to be a serious problem is one that can be dealt with and resolved. There is no problem for which there is not an insightful answer which will eventually yield an appropriate outcome. Often times legal problems can have a far reaching affect on one's personal life. Certainly the affects of divorce are far reaching and transcendent on all family members.

Our firm utilizes the services of 2 paralegals in all aspects of our practice. Both are certified and each has at least 20 years experience. Each paralegal has a specialized area of interest where their services are utilized to the fullest extent. This allows us to turn over a large portion of the administrative aspect of a file to a designated paralegal whose services are billed at a substantially lower rate. The client realizes that direct savings.

Family Law

Each family law matter, especially divorce, is different in some respect from others. It is extremely important at the onset to be able to discover and isolate the individual characteristic of each divorce or family law matter and neither treat the client, nor the case as if it were commonplace. Careful attention has to be paid not only to the parties to a divorce, but to other family members who are affected thereby. During the pendency of a divorce action, for the benefit of the children, the status quo must be maintained as much as possible since children often find themselves more involved in the process than they ought to be. They take on, in many cases, the mantel of responsibility believing that they are somehow at fault for their parents' breakup. It is also important to strive for a custody arrangement that optimizes the amount of time the children spend with each parent provided the optimization of parent-child contact does not destabilize or interfere with the child's daily routine. The first order of business is obviously the children. After that, fair and equitable distribution of marital assets, child support and spousal maintenance all have to be dealt with, leaving neither party feeling bitter and resentful, which feelings eventually reflect themselves in a poor relationship between the divorcing parties and ultimately affect the children. It may sound like a hopeless ideal, but it is a reality and has worked in many cases.

Law Offices of Theodore A. Parisi, Jr., P.C.
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Castleton, VT 05735
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Law Offices of Theodore A. Parisi, Jr., P.C.

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