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Law Office of Scott Niebling

My Practice

My office provides comprehensive counsel to clients involved in:

  • Divorce. The two general types of divorce cases that we see in my office are Divorce Without Children and Divorce With Children. The division of property and debt, along with the award or denial of alimony or spousal support, are the most prevalent issues in divorce cases that do not involve children. Establishing, custody, a parenting plan and child support are the most prevalent issues in divorce cases that do involve children.
  • Other Family Law Matters. Other family law matters include: The management of community property in Washington or marital property in Oregon for the benefit of the family or in the operation of a closely held family business, the rights of creditors to collect debts distributed in a divorce, Modifications of child support, Modifications of alimony or spousal and prenuptial agreements to name a few.
  • Bankruptcy. I represent individuals, families and small business in pursuing debt relief in bankruptcy. This debt relief is available to our clients under Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. I represent people and small businesses in all aspects of the Bankruptcy process.
  • Probate. I represent individuals and families in the settlement of a loved one's estate. Executors, administrators or personal representatives are often heirs or beneficiaries to an estate as well. I represent people in all aspects of the probate process.
Contact our Office
For a confidential consultation with our experienced lawyer, Scott Niebling, call our office at 503-505-6072 (toll-free at 888-366-8702). We are available Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm, and evenings and weekends upon request. We take Visa and MasterCard and offer installment payment plans, if necessary.

Law Office of Scott Niebling
1500 N.E. Irving Street, Suite 370
Portland, OR 97232-2123
Phone: 503-505-6072
Toll Free: 888-366-8702

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Law Office of Scott Niebling

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