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The Law Offices of Feinberg & Barry, P.C.

Our vast experience and knowledge will guide you through the legal, financial, emotional, and child-related issues of your matrimonial affairs.

Each case is unique. Each client has his or her own requirements to be satisfied. At FEINBERG & BARRY, P.C., we know that to meet each client's needs and provide excellent legal guidance, our thorough understanding of legal, tax, and business matters as well as the emotional issues must be imparted to our clients, opponents, and the court.

Over 75 years of combined experience

Our firm was co-founded by Joy Feinberg and Carroll Barry in Chicago in 1985. In 2004, David Goldman joined our firm as our newest partner. All of us have established an excellent reputation for being very knowledgeable of the law, business valuations, financial issues, tax ramifications of any settlement provisions, custody concerns and for being aggressive in achieving our clients' goals. We refuse to lose.

We set realistic goals with our clients and we achieve them

We're in tune with our clients' needs and have an intuitive and psychological understanding of what they are going through. We work every angle possible and aren't afraid to take a novel approach to an issue. Together with our clients, we set realistic goals and we don't quit until we've achieved them.

Knowledge strength compassion

Our knowledge and experience, combined with strength and our genuine concern for the emotional issues of our clients and their children, allow for thoughtful, creative, and individualized resolutions for our clients. We care about our clients -- we're there for them to see them through to the best conclusion possible.

Our proven track record

Our practice's list of successes is proof that we are up to the challenge. In a range of cases from fairly valuing businesses to properly dividing the estate, to properly calculating pension benefit divisions to abductions by non-custodial parents -- the firm has won cases for their clients and proven itself many times over.

We serve a wide range of clients

When we started, there were few women lawyers who had achieved a high level of success, but through lots of hard work and by never giving up, we have succeeded and have set ourselves apart from other law firms. We have had a diverse range of clients -- both men and women, large cases and small. All three of us have a keen understanding of business issues and represent a wide range of business owners and other professionals or their spouses. As a result, we have a large male clientele -- "mostly executives and entrepreneurs".

The Law Offices of Feinberg & Barry, P.C.
20 South Clark Street, Ste. 500,
Chicago, IL 60603
(312) 444-1050

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The Law Offices of Feinberg & Barry, P.C.

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