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Armstrong and Lowe, P.C.

Get Help From an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Have you decided to get a divorce? Are you considering divorce and seeking legal advice about your options? Have you been served with divorce papers?

At Armstrong & Lowe, P.C., in Tulsa, we understand that there are many things to consider when you are going through the breakup of a marriage. We strive to help you through the legal issues so you can make decisions that are right for you.

Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation at which one of our attorneys will go over all aspects of the divorce process with you, including the following:

  • Property division: In Oklahoma, important issues such as who gets to keep the family home, who has to pay the mortgage, whether the home needs to be sold and the division of other assets are dealt with by looking at the individual circumstances of each couple and seeking an outcome that is fair to both sides.
  • Child custody: Issues involving the children are among the most emotional in the divorce process. We will help you seek a custody and visitation arrangement that meets your goals and the needs of your children.
  • Child support: The goal of Oklahoma child support law is to allow children to maintain the standard of living they had before the divorce. This requires an evaluation of each spouse's income.
  • Alimony: Also known as spousal support, this can be granted in some cases where one spouse has become economically dependent on the other over the course of the marriage.
Your attorney will explain your legal rights and the range of possible outcomes so you can make informed decisions about your divorce case.

Prepared for All Types of Divorces

If you and your spouse cannot come to agreement on all of the issues, it may be necessary to take your divorce to court. However, the judge will likely require that you attempt mediation first. We are experienced at representing clients in mediation proceedings and at trial.

We also handle uncontested divorces, where the spouses have come to agreement on the issues. You should consult an attorney about the consequences of a proposed divorce settlement, especially if your spouse has a lawyer as well.

Armstrong and Lowe, P.C.
1401 South Cheyenne Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119-3401

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Armstrong and Lowe, P.C.

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